Flower Pride Package


For flower lovers we have brought combinations of flower in weekly packages. Flowers are delivered four times in a month on weekly basis. Flower combinations are as below. Colour will be mixed and every time different colour pattern will be made.  Additional quantity of set can be delivered on demand during regular schedule.


Flower Pride package offers you good volume of fresh Roses, Gerbera, Chrysanthemum and other colourful fillers to decors your home. Some exotic flowers and lilies are also offered for you to enrich the flower choice.





Rose 40 Nos

Gerbera- 6 Nos

Chrysanthemum- 10 Nos

Cordyline 5 Nos

A.Lilies- 5 Nos

Rose- 10 Nos

Chrysanthemum 5 Nos

Gerbera 10 Nos

Heliconia 10   Nos

A.Springery 4 Nos

A. Lilies- 5 Nos

Rose- 20 Nos

Gerbera- 20 Nos

A.springery- 10 Nos



A. Lilies 5 Nos

Rose 20 Nos

Gerbera- 10 Nos

Heliconia 5 Nos

Cordyline 5 Nos

A.Springery 10 Nos

O. Lilies- 5 Nos

Rose- 10 Nos

Gerbera- 10 Nos

Cordyline- 5 Nos

A.springery- 7 Nos


For annual subscription and discout details please contact us at info@champaligarden.com

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